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The JOMILA Story

More than 40 years ago, our formulating Pharmacist owned a retail pharmacy in Melbourne. Over the years, he noticed more and more customers coming to his pharmacy with skin concerns that many standard skincare products did not seem to help: dry skin, flaky skin, sensitive skin, cracked lips, and visible signs of ageing.

As a compounding Pharmacist – an alchemist who creates pharmaceutical products from scratch – he decided to use his expertise to create his own skincare products. There was nothing like his formulas on the commercial market at that time. The idea was simple: use only the ingredients that would really work to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance, use the purest form of these ingredients, and refine each formula until it was just right.

The first JOMILA products were made in small batches in his retail pharmacy. Dedicated customers returned to buy the hand-made skincare products – because they worked.

Word spread and customers began to travel long distances to buy their trusted Australian skincare. Many customers had their products posted interstate or overseas (and this was long before the days of online shopping!).


JOMILA products are all still developed by the same Pharmacist who refines each formula until it achieves real results. 

Everything we make has to work and our customers trust that it will.

Although the products are no longer mixed by hand in the local Pharmacy, the principles behind JOMILA products have not changed.  

All of our products are made in Australia using the professional formulas of our founder and the simplest and purest ingredients.

With a loyal customer base that spans many years, now is the time to share these products with you. As we embark on this chapter, our mission remains the same: to create trusted Australian skincare that simply works. We hope that you will join us on this journey.

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The JOMILA Promise

When you choose JOMILA products, we promise to:

Deliver formulas that simply work

Explain the science behind our products

Keep your skincare simple

Take your skin concerns seriously